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Creatinine 6.06 and Urea 126 How to Control This Problems Without Dialysis

2018-04-19 14:55

Dialysis is an artificial tool to replace the excrement function of kidneys, adopted to kidney failure patients for saving life and releasing symptoms. However, it also brings out too much sufferings. As a result, someone chatted with me for harvesting the answer to how to control creatinine 6.06 and Urea 126 without dialysis.

Provided you disincline to the analysis of this illness condition, you can read the next section for treatments or contact Online Doctor for information directly and freely.

Both creatinine 6.06 and urea 126 manifest the serious damaged kidneys can not work well to eliminate the excessive substances, metabolites and toxins from body totally. In this case, the patients experience systemic or local edema, proteinuria, high blood pressure, blood urine and other complications. Meanwhile, some patients may be suggested to start the life-saving measures - dialysis immediately. In spite of this, there are still chances for the patients to maintain their conditions well and to refuse dialysis well.

Back to the treatment.

Here I will introduce a new natural treatment called Toxin-Removing Therapy. It is created on the basis of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and aimed at cleaning up not only the blood, but also the whole body. As an alternative treatment to dialysis, it has less side effects and the potential of rebuilding renal function as well. However, if the situation is desperate, the patients have no other options except for dialysis or transplantation. Briefly, timely treatment is a must.

Well, let’s turn the subject to the clinical result of Toxin-Removing Therapy. Up to know, it attracts hundreds of patents from all over the world, and all of them had gained a great improvement. Within 7 days, the patients can see the favourable turn, the symptoms can be disappeared in half a month, and the patients return to enjoy the high quality life.

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