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Is Creatinine 7.3 Dangerous

2013-09-29 16:19

Is creatinine 7.3 dangerous? If you are a kidney disease patient, you may find your serum creatinine is higher than the reference value and also, you may be asked to control your serum creatinine level tightly. Why is this? What does a high creatinine level mean? And is creatinine 7.3 dangerous?

Creatinine level in blood shows how well our kidneys are working and a high creatinine level may mean our kidneys are not working properly, so when someone is suspected to have developed kidney disease, he is always suggested doing blood test to measure creatinine level in blood.

Creatinine level in blood increases when there is kidney problem, because kidneys are responsible for discharging excess creatinine in blood. When kidney function is affected for some reasons, creatinine will build up in blood, leading to high serum creatinine level. In general, the higher the creatinine level in blood is, the poorer the kidney condition. This explains why kidney disease is always associated with high creatinine level.

Reference value of serum creatinine differs from hospital to hospital or country to country, but generally it is in the range of 0.5-1.3mg/dL. Creatinine 7.3 is much higher than the normal range, and it indicates kidneys have been severely damaged.

For patients with kidney disease, dialysis or kidney transplant is recommended generally when creatinine level increases to about 5. For Diabetic Nephropathy patients, they may need to start dialysis earlier as persistent high blood sugar affects not only kidney, but also other systems like nerve system, eye and so on. For patients with creatinine 7.3, there is high concentration of toxin in their blood. These toxic substances may damage any part of their body, so removing these toxins out of the blood in time is very important. Otherwise, they will be in a very dangerous condition.

In medicine, dialysis is the most commonly used method for kidney failure patients with high creatinine level, like serum creatinine 7.3. Dialysis works fast and show obvious treatment effects in lowering creatinine level, but disappointedly, it can not repair kidney damages and restore kidney function. For patients with creatinine 7.3, they can try Immunotherapy if they still have urine output. This treatment lowers creatinine level by improving kidney condition. What is more, it causes no discomforts, so it is highly recommended for kidney disease patients with high creatinine level.

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