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Is It Compulsory to Start Dialysis If Creatinine Level Has Reached 9.7

2013-10-03 11:04

Is It Compulsory to Start Dialysis If Creatinine Level Has Reached 9.7Is it compulsory to start dialysis if creatinine level has reached 9.7? T his question comes from a visitor of our website. He said his father is a patient of kidney failure. Latest test report shows serum creatinine is as high 9.7 and he wonder if it is compulsory to start dialysis.

In normal condition, serum creatinine level stays in range 0.5-1.3md/dL owing to our kidneys which have function of secreting hormone, excreting wastes, regulating blood and maintaining balance of electrolyte. Creatinine is the end product of meat, including meat we eat in daily diet and muscles. When one eats lots of meat at one time or after drastic physical exercise, tons of creatinine will be produced in the blood. Under such a condition, kidneys work hardly to remove these wastes out of the body. Therefore, kidney plays an important role for us to have a clean blood.

In theory, dialysis is needed when serum creatinine is elevated to 5. Creatinine 9.7 is several times higher than the normal range. It is a very dangerous condition. High creatinine level indicates there are lots of toxins in blood. Under such a condition, internal organs are damaged easily. Therefore, for life safety, it is necessary for kidney failure patients with creatinine 9.7 to start dialysis.

Besides, in reality, there are some kidney failure patients who experience no discomforts or symptoms like itchy skin, vomiting and pulmonary edema, even though their creatinine level has reached 9.7. For these patients, they can delay dialysis for a period of time, but they need to have checkup about their physical condition regularly, so as to have an early diagnosis and treatment about the problems that might be caused by kidney failure.

Kidney failure is deadly, so a proper and effective management is needed to sustain patients’ life. Dialysis is an option, but it is not the only choice. If you want to know more about different treatment methods for kidney failure, please feel free to contact our consultant online or leave message to directly.

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