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What Can We Know from Creatinine 2.4

2016-10-26 15:32

What Can We Know from Creatinine 2.4The creatinine level can indicate how kidney function is. Generally speaking, creatinine level will not increase until more than a half of kidney function lost, that is because the kidneys have very strong compensatory ability.

What can we know from creatinine 2.4?

For adult males, the normal creatinine level is 0.6-1.2mg/dl, and 0.5-1.1mg/dl is the normal range for adult females. Creatinine 2.4 has already exceeded the normal level, so if creatinine 2.4 keeps for a long time, not a temporary increase for diet or some exercises, it can indicates that the kidneys have been damaged.

Maybe at such a stage of creatinine 2.4, patients may have no obvious symptoms, but it should arouse their enough attention. Creatinine 2.4 is in stage 3 CKD, so the condition is relatively easy to be reversed with the appropriate treatment. Otherwise the condition will keep worsening, and the final result will be Renal Failure. At that time, it will be nearly impossible to reverse the disease, thus patients have to choose either dialysis or a kidney transplant.

How to treat kidney disease with creatinine 2.4?

Maybe patients are prescribed with some medicines or given some advices on diet to lower the creatinine levels. Though the diet can play a certain role in lowering creatinine level, but it can’t do anything to repair the damaged kidneys and recover the kidney function. The damage on kidneys still exists and it will worsen if there has no efficient treatment. So in order to reverse the condition as much as possible and reduce the risk of developing Renal Failure reach the minimum, we recommend patients Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy or Immunotherapy.

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