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What is Best Treatment to My Mum with Creatinine 4

2017-08-13 11:14

What is Best Treatment to My Mum with Creatinine 4Indian Guest 08-09 10:45:29

Hi Sir.

kidney-expert 08-09 10:45:56

Hello. Is there anyone with kidney problem?

Indian Guest 08-09 10:46:42

Hi Sir. I have few queries regarding to my mom health. Can you help me with that?

kidney-expert 08-09 10:46:52

Yes, please. What is your questions?

Indian Guest 08-09 10:51:35

Yes sir. She had Creatinine value as 2 in month of may. We took GFR and abdomen scan on 2012 and we found one kidney is contracted. On may 2017 she got an Urinary tract infection and creatinine suddenly increased to 3. We met a doctor and we have cleared the urinary infection and doctor suggested to have ketosteril tablet 6 times a day. Now creatinie is 4. What i can do?

kidney-expert 08-09 10:52:28

I see. For her case, Please adhere to the renal diets and healthy lifestyle. The most important thing is that your mom should control the infection as soon as possible. Please take the medicines under the guidance of renal doctor.

Indian Guest 08-09 10:53:30

Creatinine suddenly increased to 4 from 2 in last 2 months. We don't have any idea for this. Please help me on this.

Indian Guest 08-09 10:54:43

On 2012 we found right kidney working 90% and left kidney 10% and it has been contracted and the doctor told us that right kidney is creating some problem so the left kidney filtration process is going down.

kidney-expert 08-09 10:54:56

Yes, try our best to help you. Our Chinese medicine includes Toxin-Removing Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Hot Compress Therapy and others can help your mother reduce the creatinine level naturally and recover the real function in safety.

Indian Guest 08-09 10:55:23

OK. I would like to now what is best treatment to my mother.

kidney-expert 08-09 10:55:42

Please send the latest medical reports to me, and then, our experts will discuss her illness conditions and give your more proper information about treatments.

Indian Guest 08-09 10:55:23

OK. Thank you.

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