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Creatinine 3.9 and Proteinuria, Need I Improve Renal Function

2017-08-17 15:25

Creatinine 3.9 and Proteinuria, Need I Improve Renal FunctionThe patients with creatinine 3.9 and proteinuria will suffer from edema, hypertension, anemia and other systemic symptoms. Commonly, they will be acquired to take the correct diets, healthy living style and symptomatic treatment. And then, the patients wonder that need I improve renal function and that how can I recover the renal function.

In clinic, creatinine 3.9 usually means there are less than 30% renal function left, and it is still in a reversible stage. That is to say, the patients should take available methods to repair the damaged kidney as soon as possible. When the kidney is restored, the patients can avoid dialysis and kidney transplant successfully.

While, what treatment can help the patients increase the renal function?

A comprehensive treatment can take better effects.

Diet therapy. Although diet therapy can not increase the renal function directly, it is considered as a foundation of the whole treatment. In fact, it is able to slow down the course of kidney disease.

Treatments for alleviating discomforts. It can help you get rid of the sufferings caused by the damaged kidney. However, only if the kidney is not cured, these illnesses will come out over and over again.

The therapies to treat the root cause. If you have the illness history of hypertension, diabetes, infection or other factors which can induce kidney damage, please make them under the control. Meanwhile, you can take the Chinese medicines containing Toxin-Removing Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Steaming Therapy and so on to clean up the toxins and wastes deposited in the body, promote the kidney to regain, and improve the kidney function. Since these treatments use the herbs which are from nature ana associated with patients’ illness conditions, the patients do not need to worry about the side effects.

When the kidney is renovated, the proteinuria will disappeared, the creatinine 3.9 will drop down, dialysis and kidney transplant can be avoided, and the patients can live a better life.

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