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Creatinine Level Increased to 7.5, What Should We Do

2017-09-21 14:49

Creatinine Level Increased to 7.5, What Should We DoThe elevated creatinine level usually means the kidney is damaged much more. And the patients with creatinine 7.5 endure certain illnesses. In this situation, what should we do?

An important thing the patients have need to do is to eat rightly. Moreover, the patients should have a routine lifestyle, do moderate exercises, have enough rest, etc. It takes a great impact on keeping the condition. But for the patients with creatinine 7.5, who have a lot of toxins and wastes built up in the body, only by this way can not completely prevent the kidney from worse since these deposited harmful substances will bring further damage to the kidney intrinsic cells. That is to say, the patients are pressed for a treatment aimed at clean up the internal environment.

In China, the patients can elect Toxin-Removing Therapy rather than dialysis to take the toxic matters away from body naturally. As a battery of natural medicines are used there in order to help the patients diminish the creatinine 7.5, ease the discomforts and recover the kidney, the patients will feel better and the actions of other treatments will be strengthened.

At the same time, the patients will adopt Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to improve the kidney function. The specific Chinese herbs will be selected up associated with the patients’ correct illness conditions and then milled into powder for a higher efficacy firstly. Secondly, these herbs powder will be collected into two medical bags which will be applied at the patients’ Shenshu area during the treatment. Lastly, the effective materials of the medical bags will be promoted into body by a medical machine to enlarge the blood vessels, resist inflammations, eliminate the blood stasis, adjust the blood circulation and provide the kidney with more blood and nutrients. So that, the kidney self-healing ability can be enhanced and the renal function will be increased gradually and efficaciously.

When the kidney is resumed, the creatinine 7.5 will be reduced, the symptoms will be removed and the patients can live a steady life away from dialysis.

If you want to avoid dialysis and improve the kidney function naturally in a situation of high creatinine level such as creatinine 7.5, please leave a message below or send your medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.


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