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What Needs to Be Done to Reduce Creatinine 11 Other Than Dialysis

2017-10-01 14:57

reduce creatinine 11, other than dialysis, alternative treatment, dialysisRecently, a patient asked me that “what needs to be done to reduce creatinine 11 other than dialysis?” I believe many people are also eager to gain more information about this. Here, you can find out some answer in the article.

At the beginning of the essay, let’s learn more about the creatinine 11 and dialysis.

Creatinine 11 is above the normal range a lot and it usually means the kidney has been damaged more than 90%. In clinic, the patients with creatinine 11 have to undertake dialysis as a result of the serious complications and risk for life. That is to say, dialysis will be take to help the patient live longer. However, dialysis is used as an artificial substitute for the lost kidney function for people in a serious kidney disease condition accompanied with many side effects. Additionally, the urine output will be decreased with dialysis and finally, the urination will be stopped in which time kidney transplant is the only option.

What treatment can help the patients with creatinine 11 shun dialysis?

A good treatment to lower creatinine 11 is a combination of the therapy Toxin-Removing Therapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. In China, the renal experts will make use of a series of natural treatments in Toxin-Removing Therapy for the sake of lessening the creatinine 11, relieving symptoms and offering a favorable circumstance for the kidney to get recuperated. And thus, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can do its best to repair kidney damage and increase renal function naturally and availably by perfecting blood circulation and strengthening kidney self-cure capacity with Chinese herbs. Furthermore, the diets will under the control and the patients must insist the healthy living style, which is beneficial to protect and rebuild the kidney function.

When the kidney is regenerated, the creatinine 11 will be reduced, the discomforts will be vanished away, the patients can live a high quality life and dialysis can be rejected effectively.

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