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What Could Be Done To Treat These Symptoms in Situation of Creatinine 358

2017-11-12 14:00

What Could Be Done To Treat These Symptoms in Situation of Creatinine 358“Hi, my father has high level of creatinine 358mg/dl and he has all symptoms present like tiredness, high hypertension, anemia and itchy skin. What could be done to treat these? Please give me advice thanks.”

Hello, please do not worry. We can help him. You found his creatinine level is 358mg/dl, which means he is in the stage 3 kidney disease, a key time to recover. With respect to the symptoms, they are caused by kidney damage. As a matter of fact, not only creatinine, but also other toxins and wastes will be built up into the body gradually once the kidney can not work as it should. And thus, the kidney will become worse and the patients will have more discomforts as the development of illness. In this case, both right diets and applicable treatments are supposed to be adopted.

Have you heard about Chinese medicine? It is a good option to help you dispel the complications and improve kidney function with effects.

For an example, Toxin-Removing Therapy, a new treatment born of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), has put use into kidney disease, even kidney failure patients for the sake of eliminating all the venenous settlings from body through perspiration, excrement, urea or other ways. Subsequently, the symptoms will faded away. However, it only furnish the patients with a salutary surrounding to get well better rather than repair the kidney damage directly.

Thereby, the patients are also in sore need of another treatment to renovate the diseased but not necrotic renal inherent cells, such as Oral Chinese Medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Steaming Therapy, Moxibustion Therapy, Foot Bath, Cycle Therapy, Acupuncture and so on.

As for the formation, it depends on his current illness condition. Besides, some of these treatments will be applied to him in term of his physical conditions. So that, would you send his test reports to me? And thus, I can give you more right suggestions about diets and natural treatments.

Looking forward to your reply. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am glad to help you.


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