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Creatinine 6.98 Would Foamy Urine Be Cured Naturally

2018-01-02 10:56

Creatinine 6.98 Would Foamy Urine Be Cured NaturallyFoamy urine is a common symptoms of the kidney disease when the kidney is unable to filter the blood exactly as it should do. While, is foamy urine serious? Is it necessary to treat the refractory proteinuria? Would foamy urine be cured naturally when creatinine is 6.98?

Creatinine 6.98umol/L usually means there are lot of creatinine and other wastes assembled in the body owing to the maladjusted kidneys. As all we know, when the kidney is failed, the creatinine level will go up to high, and many symptoms occur. And the steroid is the first option in clinic to help the kidney disease patients get rid of certain discomforts accompanied with moon fact, weight gain, memory problem and other side effects. Besides, if necessary, dialysis will also be taken in order to prolong life as well.

Since these measures can not repair the diseased kidneys, proteinuria will come out over and over again and finally become intractable. However, with long term proteinuria, the kidney function will have the further damage bit by bit, and finally the illness condition will be worsened. So that, the patients would better to get rid of proteinuria timely to protect kidneys.

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a systemic treatment includes dietary control, Toxin-Removing Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy or other methods will be adopted on the basis of the patients’ presently physical situation diagnosed with the help of advanced medical technology and traditional Chinese medicine theories. Later, foamy urine will disappeared and not reappear again easily, the undesired materials will be cleaned away, the creatinine 6.98 will lessened, kidney function is improved at some points and the patients can live a high quality life without dialysis.

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