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Creatinine 500 Can It Still Be Reduced Without Dialysis

2018-03-30 11:15

Creatinine 500 Can It Still Be Reduced Without DialysisCreatinine 500 umol/L is exceeded the standard range (44 - 133 umol/L), referring to a serious medical condition in which the kidneys failed to filter the excessive substances and wastes from the blood totally. Some doctor will suggest dialysis. But due to various of reasons, more and more patients wonder can high creatinine still be reduced without dialysis?

For an example, the kidney failure patient from Philippine do not want to take the dialysis. Since his doctor told him the dialysis was a must, he consulted us on the internet that “How long can I live without doing dialysis?”. According to his test reports, we found that he was in the fourth stage of kidney disease (kidney failure), and the protein and red blood cells were leakage. What is worse, he was also troubled by anemia, sleep problem, swelling, etc. Finally, he decided to come our hospital to try systemic Chinese medicine.

I can remember his shocked face when our doctor told his physical conditions with simply Four Diagnostic Methods of TCM. Also, he accomplished the comprehensive examinations here, what showed creatinine 500 umol/L, protein 3+, occult blood 2+ and other abnormal indicators. With a short course of Toxin-Removing Therapy in which the patients received the external and oral applications of Chinese medications and herbs as Moxibustion, Acupuncture, Foot Bath Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine and so on, his creatinine level reduced to 300 umol/L, protein urine and occult blood became negative, haemoglobin level was increased, sleep was improved, and he can enjoy his life again. In addition, he still took some well-planned Chinese medicines back home for the long time treatment so as to prevent the elevation of creatinine level in blood and the relapse of symptoms.

One year ago, he came to check up himself, the reports displayed that his creatinine level dropped to 150 umol/L, and the protein urine or blood urine did not reoccur once more.

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