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How Does High Blood Pressure Affect Creatinine

2014-03-17 08:57

How Does High Blood Pressure Affect CreatinineCreatinine is an important index to calculate renal functions.Some high blood pressure patients are surprised to find high creatinine level.How does high blood pressure affect creatinine?Follow our descriptions and find the answers.If you are interested in lowering creatinine level with the help of natural treatment,Click online doctors.

How does high blood pressure affect creatinine?

High blood pressure is a leading cause for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).If you have high blood pressure about five to ten years,you are possible to suffer from high creatinine level.

High blood pressure and kidney disease are a vicious circle.High blood pressure leads to less blood flowing into kidney.Kidney has a feeling of lacking of blood.Therefore kidney takes actions to producing lots of rein so as to get enough blood.Worse high blood pressure will be regulated higher.Therefore kidney damage occurs thus leading to high creatinine.With high creatinine in our blood,many complications follow after thus lowering your life quality.

Kidney Treatment

In order to treat high blood pressure and high creatinine at the same time,we need to focusing on treating Chronic Kidney Disease.

Blood Purification

Blood Purification includes plasma exchange,immune absorption,hemodialysis,hemofiltration and hemoperfusion.With the help of those advanced technology,high creatinine in the blood can be cleared away as soon as possible.

Hot Compress Therapy

This is one of newest therapy to treat high blood pressure and high creatinine.Our experts choose some certain Chinese herbals to be processed and two bags will be put on the special acupoint BL 23 Acupoint.The activated Chinese medicines enter into renal area thus repairing renal damage and recovering renal functions.

High blood pressure and high creatinine can be treated very well.

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