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What Is the Dangerous Creatinine Level

2013-09-11 17:04

What Is the Dangerous Creatinine LevelWhat is the dangerous creatinine level? Almost all the kidney disease patients know that dialysis or kidney transplant are needed when serum creatinine level, as the higher the serum creatinine level, the dangerous their illness condition. Well then, what is the dangerous creatinine level for kidney disease patients?

To know clearly about this question, let’s first learn what high creatinine level mean? And what happens when creatinine becomes very high.

What does high creatinine level mean?

Creatinine is a waste produced when meet is metabolized in our body. Normally, creatinine is discharged through our kidneys, so kidney plays a crucial role in keeping serum creatinine level in normal range 0.5-1.2mg/dL. For kidney disease patient, due to the damage of kidney function, excess creatinine can not be discharged timely, leading to the increase of serum creatinine level. Also,the higher the serum creatinine is, the poorer the kidney condition. For this reason, serum creatinine level is always measured to reflect how well the kidney functions.

What happens when serum creatinine becomes very high?

High serum creatinine level not only indicates kidney function has been impaired, it also denotes there are lots of wastes in the blood. These toxic wastes circulate with blood, so they may damage any part of our body. This explains why dialysis or kidney transplant is needed when creatinine level increases to a very high level (5mg/dL). For kidney failure patients, if they take no effective treatment, toxins in the blood will damage their heart, nerve system and digestive system, causing various discomforts or death. Dialysis show direct and quick effect in purifying blood and clearing creatinine, so dialysis is urgently needed when kidney failure patients begin to experience severe nausea, vomiting or fluid retention.

What is the dangerous creatinine level?

Serum creatinine level may increase due to different factors like improper diet and medicines, but for kidney disease patients, they should be alert when their creatinine level in blood becomes higher than the normal range, as clinical studies show that serum creatinine does not increase until a half of kidney function is affected and increase of serum creatinine means kidneys have been injured severely. Seeing from this point of view, a timely diagnosis and treatment are of great significant for kidney disease patients to stop or slow down their illness progression.

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