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What Should We do for Creatinine 3.3 and BUN 33?

2014-04-14 01:28

creatinineThere are some patients suffering from Creatinine 3.3 and BUN 33.What do creatinine 3.3 and BUN 33 mean?What should we do for Creatinine 3.3 and BUN 33?Follow our descriptions and find the answers.

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What do Creatinine 3.3 and BUN 33 mean?

Creatinine and BUN are two kinds of wastes and toxins,which will be eliminated out of the body with healthy kidney.When kidney damage begins to develop,creatinine level and BUN level are forced to be elevated as creatinine and BUN fail to be eliminated timely and effectively.Creatinine 3.3 and BUN 33 are all above normal range,which indicates seriously renal damage.If our blood contains lots of useless substances,it can attack any organs and any systems in our body.According to creatinine level,patients are mainly in stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).In this period,there are many obvious symptoms following and many patients are diagnosed with stage 3 CKD at this time.If you fail to find treatment to slow down the progression of CKD,you will accept dialysis or kidney transplant in the near future.

What should we do for Creatinine 3.3 and BUN 33?

As stage 3 CKD brings lots of symptoms,many western medicines will be prescribed for your renal disease.Although those symptoms can be relieved for a while,the root reasons are not solved at the same time.

Apart from western medicines,chinese medicines are also having better effects on controlling the development of stage 3 CKD.

There are many featured treatment in our hospital for stage 3 CKD patients.If you accept our treatments timely,your stage 3 CKD is possible to be reversed.

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