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Creatinine 6.8 with Diabetes: Should I Be on Dialysis

2014-05-10 08:00

Creatinine 6.8 with Diabetes: Should I Be on Dialysis“According to my doctor, I have creatinine 6.8 with Diabetes. Should I be on dialysis?” This is a question we got from a patient. The following section is our reply with detailed explanation. Read on to know more.

When you know your kidneys are failing with creatinine 6.8 and Diabetes, it’s normal to want to put off dialysis. Actually, putting off dialysis as long as you can may be good choice. So you are recommended to talk with your doctor about this issue.

Generally speaking, if you can take early and effective treatment to stop the further deterioration of kidney function and repair the impaired kidneys, your high level can be lowered naturally and you can definitely avoid dialysis.

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Nearly 30 years’ clinical practices have shown that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapies are quite effective in treating Diabetic Nephropathy and help patients prevent dialysis or a kidney transplant. Effective options include hot compress therapy, enema, cycle therapy, full bath therapy, foot bath, moxibustion, and oral Chinese herb medicine. One or more of the remedies can be used to ensure satisfying curative effects.

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