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Can Diabetic nephropathy be cured by Chinese Herb Medicine

2014-10-12 16:57

Can Diabetic nephropathy be cured by Chinese Herb MedicineResearches have shown that early diabetic nephropathy changes are reversible, that is mean this disease can be cured with timely treatment. Then, can it be cured by Chinese Herb Medicine ?

In general, at the early stage of this disease, the strict control of the normal range of blood sugar can improve the glomerular basement membrane filtration environment, reduce renal UF ball pressure, so that the discharge of microalbuminuria can be reduced, even make the condition returned to normal. Chinese Herb Medicine can inhibit the glomerular basement membrane thickening, and promote cell proliferation, glomerular filtration rate returned to normal and reduce proteinuria.

If you enter the advanced stage with severe renal impairment, and involving the renal tubules, macromolecular protein leakage and combined with hypertension. Chinese Herb Medicine can help you by controlling blood sugar and blood pressure can have different degrees of improvement discharge urine protein, thus to delay the development of the disease.

Advanced diabetic nephropathy belong, chronic renal insufficiency Symptoms: The main symptoms of dry mouth and do not want to drink, malaise, fatigue, backache, body swelling, nausea, vomit, dull, anemia, cold extremities, urine odor in the mouth, body itching, easy nosebleeds, urinary bleeding, shortness of breath or palpitations, not supine, or limbs, convulsions, soul unclear, urinary nitrogen, creatinine increased, suffering from the disease, it is more difficult to treat. You have to do dialysis or a kidney transplant. But if you can take Chinese Herb Medicine that can help you to avoid dialysis or trsnsplant.

From the above we know that Diabetic Nephropathy can be cured by Chinese Herb Medicine, if you can get it timely. If you need any help in curing your disease, do not hesitant to contact our online doctor, we will try our best to help you.

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