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Appropriate Exercise Can Be Beneficail To Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

2018-08-20 09:52

As a diabetic nephropathy patient we always pay more attention to accept the treatment and ignore the appropriate exercise,that is very beneficial to your health. As a kidney experts I will tell you some knowledge about the diabetic nephropathy.

Can diabetic nephropathy patients exercise? As for this question, our answer is that diabetic nephropathy patients should still pay attention to exercise. Diabetic nephropathy is a disease that is more difficult to treat than simple nephrosis because Diabetes and nephrosis should be considered in the treatment process.

.. I’m puzzled after suffering from diabetic nephropathy. People say that fat people are easy to get diabetic nephropathy, but I’ve always been thin. How can I get diabetic nephropathy? The obesity we often mention is not what people think of as being obese, it is only an appearance.

let’s first understand what the true definition of obesity is. The total fat is over 30 % of the body weight. We clinically divide the total fat into external fat and internal fat. One cannot simply say whether a person is fat or not by looking from the outside, but one should refer to the amount of fat in one’s body. For example, southerners. As early as a survey conducted in a community in Shanghai in 2002, it was found that southerners did not look tall or fat, but their internal fat content was relatively excessive. Therefore, the incidence of diabetic nephropathy is quite high.

Some thin people are usually diabetic nephropathy patients who have relatively insufficient insulin secretion or defective insulin secretion. Although there is not much fat in the body, it can promote muscle synthesis and increase glucose utilization through reasonable exercise. This is the aim of exercise therapy for diabetic nephropathy, instead of emphasizing weight loss through exercise, the aim of exercise is to improve the sensitivity of the whole body to insulin.

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