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How To Prevent Diabetes Develop Into Kidney Disease

2018-10-05 09:46

When you have diabetes your diet should be restricted to keep the normal blood sugar,that can help you prevent it developing into kidney disease,and as a kidney doctor i want to share something about how to prevent diabetes from “grow” into kidney disease.

1, Adjusting the diet

Generally, the daily protein intake should not exceed 30-40 grams. It is advisable to use high bio-valency proteins such as milk, eggs, and meat. Soy products should be limited.

2, Insisting long-term control of glucose metabolism disorders

In uremic patients, the appetite is weak, the food intake is small, and the ability of the kidney itself to inactivate insulin is reduced, the insulin requirement is reduced, and hypoglycemia is prone to occur. The dose should be adjusted at any time.

3. Prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections

Diabetic patients have reduced resistance to infection, and are prone to pyelonephritis, which aggravates kidney damage. However, the clinical manifestations can be atypical, no severe urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, no fever, only mild urination discomfort and low back pain.

4. Controlling High blood pressure

If diabetics find blood pressure >18.7/12 kPa, they must take active measures to lower blood pressure to 126/80 mm Hg. It is more important to treat hypertension during this period than to treat hyperglycemia.

5, Trying to avoid nephrotoxic drugs and iodine contrast agents

Some drugs are harmful to the kidney and should be avoided as much as possible. Gentamicin, streptomycin, amikacin and the like. Iodine contrast agents can also aggravate the original kidney damage, and diabetics should try to avoid intravenous pyelography.

6, Early detection and early prevention of diabetic nephropathy is the key

If there is edema or protein in the urine, the diabetic nephropathy has developed to the fourth stage, which belongs to the stage that needs to be controlled. Although it is irreversible, timely treatment can greatly delay the occurrence of Uremia. Once advanced end-stage renal disease develops, kidney failure and uremia develop, the difficulty of treatment will increase greatly.Then that means the early treatment is more important ,at the same time the reasonable treatment must be proceeding in the professional hospital,if you have the similar condition and want to need help ,please contact us through the following message ,our experts can provide the great help for you:

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