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The Key Points Of Diabetic Nephropathy To Patients

2018-07-19 09:46

As a kidney patient he always has hypertension ,and some of them have high blood pressure for a long time before they find the kidney problem. Then how do you know the relation of hypertension and kidney disease? That can help you deal with your kidney condition more effectively.The high blood pressure and high cholesterol will hurt the blood vessels, and the diabetic patients often have hypertension and high cholesterol , so when they accept the treatment of diabetes they must take more attention to the high blood pressure, especially for the old person, their blood vessels are easy to be hurt for the high cholesterol. And then the blood vessels are easy to be necrotic ,then the reasonable treatment is necessary to help them reduce the damage to the blood vessels.

There are so many methods to help you control the blood pressure, the first step is to change your life style, take more vegetable and high quality protein, less fat ,less salt ,no smoke and alcohol, less coffee and other spicy food, everyday for enough drinking water is good to stabilize the blood pressure. The increasing weight means more blood capillary in your body, in order to keep the stable circulation the heart must work hard to increase the blood pressure ,that will overload heart job and easy to lead to the heart failure, and more body liquid and fat deposit in your body may incease the pressure and decrease the blood flowing speed. Then you must accept some regular physical exercise and healthy diet to reduce the weight, at the same time keeping good emotion and eliminating the tense emotion can help patients improve the blood vessel damage and stabilize the blood pressure.The other method is to accept the reasonable treatment to stabilize your blood pressure and blood sugar,then your kidney disease can be treated well with the appropriate medicines,for the most important thing except the western medicine i suggest you should consider another alternative treatment--Natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine ,that treatment has been researched by the kidney experts for many years, it can not only help improve the kidney function ,repair the damaged kidney cells but also stabilize your blood sugar and pressure,strengthen your own immune system. If you want to know more about that please consult us through the following message:

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