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Diabetes with GFR 48 What does that Means and How to Improve It

2015-02-05 16:37

Diabetes with GFR 48 What does that Means and How to Improve ItI am a Diabetic and the latest test shows that my GFR is 48, the doctor told me that my kidney function is lowered. I want to know what does GFR 45 means and is there any way to improve it ? Actually, people can know their kidney functions from the GFR level, and after the kidney function lowered, it is hard to be improved but that not means it can not be improved.

What does GFR 48 in Diabetes means ?

GFR is one of the most sensitive indicator of kidney function, when the GFR lowered that means the kidneys have been damaged in some degree. So GFR 48 in Diabetes means the Diabetes has induced kidney disease and there are just left 48% kidney functions can work efficiently, so that demand the patient to take systematic treatment right now to prevent the disease goes worse.

How to improve the lower GFR level ?

From the above we know that the lower GFR level is caused by kidney function decline, so as long as we can find some ways to improve the kidney function, the lowered GFR level can be improved with it together. The Top Seven Treatments have remarkable curative effect, you can considered about it.

However, for Diabetes patient with kidney disease, they should control their blood sugar level first before taking the systematic treatment. 

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