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Diabetes with Creatinine Level 7.5 Is Dialysis the Only Option

2015-04-06 17:12

Diabetes with Creatinine Level 7.5 Is Dialysis the Only OptionI have suffered from Diabetes 5 years and now my creatinine level has up to 7.5, i want to know is dialysis the only option for me ?

You know, dialysis as one of the most common cure for kidney failure, it do can relieve some of the symptoms brought by this disease, but it can not solve the kidney problem from its root, so for people who have take it may need to live on it for the rest of their life, that cost large amount of money and bring many unnecessary pains at the same time. So, most of the patients do not want to take it but they have no other choices, so they have to take it.

Is dialysis the only option for diabetic with creatinine level 7.5 ?

As we mentioned above, the reasons why patient take dialysis is because they have no other choice. But in fact, it has become the past. In our days, patient have more options other than dialysis or transplant, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the most well-known Chinese Medicine, it can be the good alternative of dialysis. With the help of this therapy, diabetic patient with creatinine level 7.5 can have more than half of chance to avoid dialysis.

How can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy help patient avoid dialysis ?

In fact, this kind of therapy as a perfect combination of traditional Chinese herb medicine and modern high technology, it can help patient avoid dialysis by improving their kidney function. What’s more, it is helpful for removing the toxins and stasis in the blood, which is also devoted to solve the kidney problem.

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