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What Should We do for Diabetic Patients with high creatinine 6.7

2017-12-06 14:12

What Should We do for Diabetic Patients with high creatinine 6.7I just reference the website because my mom is a diabetic patient. Past 8 months, we came to know her creatinine level was stating from 2.01. Just 3 days back we admitted her in hospital because for fever and her BP was 209 and then the creatinine level has come to 6.7. What should we do? Please kindly suggestion.

Hello. I found her creatinine level and blood pressure are elevated suddenly, do you know what causes that? Generally speaking, infection, fever, acute drugs damage and other factors can lead to it, please avoid them. Also, the high blood sugar and high blood pressure can injure the blood vessels throughout the whole body, resulting in severely kidney damage, please try your best to control them well. What is worse, the blood glucose and stress will be influenced a lot by the terrible internal environment where various toxic materials which should be cleaned up by our healthy kidneys are gathered in. Additionally, these harmful substances will make the illness condition deteriorate as well. That is to say, you need to get rid of these undesired things and manage the symptoms as soon as possible.

Has she been recommended to start dialysis? You know, dialysis is common technology to help the patients in serious situation to take away certain baleful things so as to prolong life and relieve some discomforts. What is more, it can help her lessen creatinine 6.7 and control the blood pressure as it is able to carry away the excessive water and part of mineral substances. However, it can not help her resume kidney function. In a word, dialysis is not the best option to your mother.

Here I suggest your mother to insist the renal diets strictly and taking some medicines to remit the complications. This can help her maintain the illness conditions. If necessary, please take the fistula which can not make into use immediately after operation. Also, I prefer her to try Chinese medicine involving Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Steaming Therapy, Immunotherapy and so on to remedy her fundamentally and naturally. And thus, she can live a high quality life.

If you have any puzzles or are interested in Chinese medicine, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am glad to help you.

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