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Creatinine 6.55 and Diabetes Controlled with Insulin Is Dialysis Required

2018-01-28 16:03

Creatinine 6.55 and Diabetes Controlled with Insulin Is Dialysis RequiredCreatinine 6.55 stands for stage 4 kidney disease which is also called kidney failure. In this case, the diabetes patients may start dialysis earlier than other patients as a result of the serious complications caused by dialysis. While, if the diabetes is controlled with insulin, is dialysis also required?

With the development of social economy, the life style and diets have been chanced, resulting in diabetes appearing among more and more people. Later, the high blood sugar in the blood will injure the blood vessels including the micro-blood vessels in the kidneys bit by bit, and thus, the kidney has to suffer from the anemia and anoxia. In this conditions, the kidney function will be lowered, and creatinine and other unwanted substances will be accumulated in the body, leading to the depressed effects of the treatments and more kidney damage. What is more, the patients also have the edema, back pain, high blood pressure and other discomforts or even life danger. This is why dialysis is suggested.

In the face of all these difficulties, dialysis is not the only way to the patients. That is to say, the patients can option other available to recover naturally.

For achieving this purpose, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine creates Detoxification Therapy including Acupuncture, Foot Bath, Moxibustion Therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine and other herbal therapies to clean up the internal surrounding. In this means, not only the poisonous depositions can be got rid of, but also the inflammations, extravasated blood, unnecessary immune products and so on can be dispelled thoroughly. Consequently, the kidney impairment is stopped, and the renal function will be risen.

Provided the kidney is repaired, the creatinine 6.55 will be cut down, the patients can live a better life, and dialysis is not demanded.

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