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Diabetic Nephropathy What Can We Do If GFR is Lower Than 50%

2018-03-11 13:35

Diabetic Nephropathy What Can We Do If GFR is Lower Than 50%It is easy for the patients who suffer from diabetes for years to get ill with kidney disease due to the vascular injury. And thus, GFR will be less and less gradually. And then, what can we do if GFR is lower than 50%?

Is GFR less than 50% bad?

Generally speaking, the patients with 30 - 60 % kidney function (indicated by GFR in clinic) means the patients are in the stage 3 kidney problem. For diabetic nephropathy patients, some symptoms like swelling, foamy urine, sporadically blood in urine and so on will come out, but not serious. So that, some patients do not believe they should pay more attention to it.

However, the GFR will be cut down quickly without any effective managements, and the diabetic nephropathy patients usually take dialysis earlier in the stage 4 kidney disease to prolong life as a result of the grievous complications actually. You know, dialysis is too painful and it can not spell a cure.

Hence, what should we do for GFR 50% in diabetic nephropathy?

Fortunately, there are still chances for the patients with 50% GFR to reverse the illness and to turn back to normal life. For an example, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is proven great functions of treating diseased kidneys.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been used in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for bringing hope to kidney disease patients by the adoption of the external used Chinese herbal medicines. During the treatment, the patients can get the good effectiveness like cast off some toxins from body, promote the blood circulation, arouse immune system, reinforce renal function, etc through lying on bed with the two medical bags which are applied on the patients’ low back area. When the kidneys are restored, the patients can enjoy them life again and live away from doing dialysis.

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