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What Bad Life Habit Can Cause the Diabetic Nephropathy

2018-06-22 08:49

More and more persons have the diabetic nephropathy, this is a kind of disease hard to cure. Then why do these person get the diabetic nephropathy? The main factors are the bad life habit in daily life which can cause the diabetic nephropathy, and what are these bad life habits which cause the diabetic nephropathy? That can help us avoid it and get away from the diabetic nephropathy.

1. Over tired and irregular life

Nowadays young people often surf internet for entertainment ,stay up late, wandering at night ,all this will lead to the over tired and cause the disease. The immunity will decrease and easy to get infection from the bacteria and virus outside of body. Then they often catch cold and fever , and the catching cold is easy to induce the diabetic nephropathy. When you catch a cold your immunity is so very weak that cannot resist the intrusion from bacteria ,then cause the secondary bacteria infection, furthermore deteriorate the immunity. Through the antibody-antigen reaction (bacteria and virus as the antigen) the immune complex will deposit in the renal inherent cells that can lead to the nephritis etc.

2. Irregular and unreasonable diet

With the improvement of life quality the current diet is tending to high sugar, high salt and high fat, that means more energy is absorbed by body and less energy consumption for the less movement. That will overload the kidney work. Then more and more nutrients deposit in blood and lead to the high cholesterol and high viscosity of blood, that is easy to cause the secondary diabetic nephropathy.

3. Long term smoking and drinking

Smoking is easy to cause the high blood viscosity and coherence, high fibrinogen level ,increasing the platelet coherence and blood pressure. Drinking can cause the blood hypercoagulability easily and increase the blood pressure. Long term smoking and drinking can lead to hypertension and bad life habit will deteriorate the hypertension and lead to the nephropathy.

4. Poor mental stage

As many person not know that the emotion has the close relation with the disease, more emotional pressure and depression can easily induce and aggravate the diabetic nephropathy.

So you must pay attention to the comment above which can cause the diabetic nephropathy , and change the bad life habit and develop good habit to avoid the diabetic nephropathy. By the way as a international hospital in China, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has developed a special natural treatment for the diabetic nephropathy, so if you want to know more about it please contact us through the following message:

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