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How To Prevent Diabetes And Improve Diabetes

2018-07-05 10:01

Nowadays the diabets has become the worldwode epidemic, more and more people are influenced by the diabetes and live the poor life quality.Then we must know the risk and complications of diabetes,then we can do more precaution to avoid it or improve it.

Diabetes prevention

Diabetes is a preventable and treatable disease. Studies have shown that it usually takes about 7 years from postprandial blood glucose to diagnosed diabetes. The initial rise in postprandial blood glucose is often not treated, as long as changes in eating habits and lifestyle can make blood sugar return to normal. This shows that early prevention of diabetes is very promising, and those without diabetes may not be diabetic. Although the level of modern medicine can make diabetes patients not maimed or die prematurely due to diabetes, the cure is still very difficult. Therefore, prevention is still the most important. With regard to the prevention of diabetes, relevant experts proposed "four points":

1, "More to know"

That is knowledge prevention. Receive health education and learn diabetes knowledge. What is "more"? It is necessary to know whether the family has a history of diabetes, but also to know the prevention and control measures, but also through the regular test to know their blood sugar levels.

2, "Eat less"

That is dietary prevention. What is "less"? It is to leave room for eating. It is not enough to satisfy the appetite. Diet as light as possible, low fat, low sugar, eat more fish, vegetables, black fungus, garlic, tea and so on. Reduce fat intake, increase dietary fiber, prevent the formation of predisposing factors such as obesity and hyperlipidemia. Persons with obesity risk factors pay attention to the control of weight, waist circumference, waist circumference and hip circumference ratio.

3, "Appropriate exercise"

That is exercise prevention. Exercise can reduce adipose tissue and increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin, reducing the risk of non-dependent insulin diabetes. Appropriate exercise can also enhance cardiopulmonary function and reduce blood viscosity. It is currently recognized that people who regularly take exercise are 20% smaller than those who do not participate in exercise with age. Frequently participate in the "sweat and breathe" campaign, preferably at least half an hour a day, at least 5 times a week.

4, "Relax"

That is psychological prevention. Avoid mental trauma, improve psychological stress, so as to ensure the normal secretion of insulin.

5. Smoking cessation, limit alcohol and ensure sleep.

People with high blood viscosity must quit smoking, because smoking can make blood vessels shrink, blood viscosity increases.

According to the information above we can do the necessary treatment to promote our own diabetic condition, but only taking some western medicines is not enough to treat it, we must consider another alternative natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, that is effective to patients without any side effect. If you want to know more detailed information about that please contace us:

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