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What Amount of Urine Output is Good When on Dialysis

2014-12-24 11:43

What Amount of Urine Output is Good When on DialysisWhat amount of urine output is good when on dialysis ? As we all know one of the function of kidney is to produce urine and discharge it out of the body. So once the kidney damaged the output will be increased. Then what amount of urine output is good when on dialysis ?

Why people with kidney disease keep monitor the volume of urination ?

Monitor the volume of urination is one of the items of routine urine tests (urinalysis), according to the number of urine output, we can know how much renal functions are remaining. That is because the water is mainly discharged by kidney in the form of urine, once the kidney is damaged the volume of urine will be abnormal.

Under normal condition, our body will produce 1000ml-2000ml urine, but after we drink large amount of water in a short time, the output of urine will increases too. But, if the output urine is over 2500ml all the time, that is not mean your kidney function is well,on the contrary, that means your kidney maybe damaged in some degree.

Of course, the urine output will decrease in some condition, such as after a large number of perspiring. But it should not always in some a low level, otherwise, that indicate your kidneys have been in trouble. When the volume of urination is less than 400ml/day, we call it oliguria. When it is less than 100 ml/day, we call it anuria.

In one word, too much or too less volume of urine output is not good, the normal level should waves between 1000ml-2000ml. But for most of the dialysis patients their urine output should be less than it and will become less and less. Because the kidney function will decreases day by day without the any of other therapies.

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