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How Many Times Of Dialysis Are My Father Needed

2018-05-07 14:28

How Many Times Of Dialysis Are My Father NeededVisitor: My father is put on dialysis because of fluid overload. How many times can he stop it?

Doctor: Generally speaking, once dialysis is started, it can not be stopped until the renal function is improved. But if his kidneys are not damaged badly, it can be stopped when the extra fluid is removed. What is the creatinine level before dialysis? And How long has he been on dialysis?

Visitor: Now during dialysis, his blood pressure drops. This is 5th session. He started on 22 April. And at that time, his creatinine level was 6.3.

Doctor: I see. It is usual situation for the patients with dialysis will have many side effects, like abnormal blood pressure, weakness, poor appetite, etc. And for his case, dialysis can not be stopped at his own willing.

Visitor: His blood pressure is low. Is there any solution?

Doctor: Please do not worry. According to your description, he can take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to adjust the balance of blood surrounding and repair the diseased kidneys. With the recovery of kidneys, his blood pressure will be normal, and dialysis can also be stopped.

Visitor: What is the duration and cost of it? What is the safety? And what is the cure rate?

Doctor: The duration and cost of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy depends on his illness-condition. If possible, please send his lab test reports to me. I will give the imputed price. And this treatment externally makes use of the herbs from nature, so no obvious unwanted reaction comes out.

Doctor: As for the cure rate, I can promise it can help increase the blood pressure and dispel side effects of dialysis. But due to the different body constitution, illness condition and medical sensitivity, the treatment result is different for patients having the similar situations. Some patients return to the normal life, most of patients enjoy their life without dialysis, while a few patients maintain a high quality life with the prolonged dialysis.

Visitor: How can I give the test reports to you?

Doctor: Please send it to my e-mail kidney-treatment@hotmail.com or . I will analyze it and reply you as soon as possible.

Visitor: Thank you very much.

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