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How to Lower the High Creatinine Level after Dialysis

2015-10-12 11:44

How to Lower the High Creatinine Level after DialysisHow to lower the high creatinine level after dialysis ? Dialysis is called artificial kidney, because it can replace damaged kidney to remove wastes, excess water and toxins from the body. Generally, dialysis does has an obvious and quick effect in lowering high creatinine level. But some times people will find that their creatinine level stay high after dialysis, so they are worried about it.

Why creatinine level stay high after dialysis ?

There are two mainly causes of the high creatinine level after dialysis:

The first one is inadequate dialysis, that means dialysis doesn’t remove creatinine from the blood fully. Long-term of inadequate dialysis is more likely to cause some life-threatening complications.

The second one is the patient’s creatinine level goes up between two dialysis treatments. Dialysis is a kidney replacement therapy rather than repairing damaged kidney, so it can only lower patients’ high creatinine level temporarily and serum creatinine goes up easily between dialysis intervals. To make elevated creatinine level come down and maintain stable for a long time, repairing damaged kidney and kidney function improvement is a must.

How to lower the high creatinine without dialysis ?

As we mentioned above if people want to maintain the level of creatinine, they need to repair the damaged kidneys and improve the kidney function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the perfect combination of traditional Chinese herb medicine and Western Medicine, it can help people to achieve this goal.

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