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Can Dialysis Lower the Creatinine Level Thoroughly

2016-02-28 11:18

As we all know dialysis is one of the most common methods to reduce high creatinine level, as for how much creatinine level it can remove, different people have different answer. Because the curative effect can be affected by many factors, but the point now is if it can lower the creatinine level thoroughly rather than how much.

Experts pointed out, dialysis can not lower the creatinine level permanently. That is because creatinine is produced by muscle every day, but dialysis just can replace kidney to remove the creatinine and other wasts produced before. After stopping the treatment, the creatinine level will back to the high level again, even higher than before. So if you want to lower the high level of creatinine, you need to repair the damaged kidney and improve the kidney functions.

From the above we know that dialysis can lower the high creatinine level in a while but it can not lower the creatinine level thoroughly. In order to help more people solve this problem, here i recommend Chinese Herb Medicine to you. It can date back to thousands years ago, combined with western medicine and modern high technology, it can control the kidney disease well. For patient who are in the early stage of kidney disease, it can help people to get recovery from it. For people who are in the advanced phase of this disease, with the help of this treatment, people also can live better.

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