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Why Dialysis Will Cause Headache

2016-11-25 13:22

Why Dialysis Will Cause HeadacheDialysis is one of the common treatments of kidney failure, which will help patients to increase the life expectancy by removing the wastes and toxins out of the blood. However, dialysis may cause some complications, and headache is a one of them.

Why dialysis will cause headache?

1. Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome

This situation is often caused in dialysis patients when they have the first dialysis or the patients cannot accept their dialysis regularly. Before the patients receiving dialysis, the toxins and wastes in blood are homogeneous, and the toxins outside cells are easier to leak out than the inside ones. This will cause the imbalance consistence between cells and blood. In order to keep the balance, the fluid outside the cells will enter into the cells, which will cause the edema of cells, then people may get the symptom of headache.

2. High blood pressure

For dialysis patients, the blood pressure is not stable, and patients’ blood pressure will be elevated in the process of dialysis, which will easily cause headache. When patients have high blood pressure, after dialysis, their blood pressure will be reduced. With the rapid fluctuation of blood pressure, patients may get headache. In order to avoid headache, patients need to control their high blood pressure, and limit the fluid intake and keep a low salt diet.

3. The imbalance of electrolytes

For dialysis patients or kidney disease patients, the imbalance of electrolytes are common symptom. Besides, the imbalance of phosphorus and calcium and aluminum poison can easily cause headache. Therefore, the imbalance of electrolytes can also cause headache after dialysis.

As headache is a common complication after dialysis, and the severe headache will affect the patients’ life serious. In order to avoid the severe headache, patients can take some effective measures to to get rid of the ingredients which may cause headache in dialysis.

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