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How Can I Stop Any Dialysis After One Year Hemodialysis

2017-10-09 14:52

How Can I Stop Any Dialysis After One Year HemodialysisHemodialysis is a method to help the patients remove some harmful substances from body by a treatment machine, what will make the patients go through poor appetite, vomiting, weakness, muscle cramp and other sufferings. Hence, more and more patients wonder how can they stop any dialysis after one year hemodialysis?

Above all, we should know why dialysis is needed. It is because of the deposited toxins which should be excreted from body by the kidneys. Once the kidney could not hold its action adequately, the patients will be ill with swelling, proteinuria, weakness, vomiting and nausea, or even have risk for death. Thereby, dialysis will be recommended in order to prolong life.

In another word, if the patients can clear away these harmful substances from body by other measures, dialysis can be rejected successfully.

So that, a number of renal experts make a great innovation on Chinese medicine (putting forward a series of natural treatments) for realizing the goal of cleansing the blood without dialysis as well as recover the kidney function. These natural treatments are composed of Toxins-Removing Treatment, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Cupping Therapy and Moxibustion Therapy. Furthermore, these treatments can help dispel certain illnesses.

Toxins-Removing Treatment is adopted to clear away various toxins and wastes completely and thus to take effects on maintaining the illness condition and enhancing the impacts of other treatments. Concurrently, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can do its best to repair the damaged kidneys in combination with Toxins-Removing Therapy. In the treatment, the special herbs will be picked according to the patients’ correct physical state, and milled into powder for a high use rate and later collected into two medical bags which will be placed at the patients’ Shenshu area. Finally, the kidney function is improved bit by bit and no obvious adverse reactions will come out.

When the kidney is renovated, the patients can live a high quality life without going for dialysis regularly.

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