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Started 6 Treatments in Dialysis Is There still Occasion to be Cured

2017-12-20 15:18

Started 6 Treatments in Dialysis Is There still Occasion to be CuredAs more and more patients realized the shortcoming of dialysis, they wonder whether they should live a normal life without doing dialysis any more. Here I am objective to talk about a question is there still occasion to be cured if the patients haven started 6 treatments in dialysis.

Which case dialysis is needed?

Frankly speaking, if there are too much creatinine and other toxins deposited in the body, borderline potassium in the body, serious complications or other conditions, dialysis will be taken right away. Or else, patients can take some active managements to delay the dialysis through recovering kidney function.

Why various toxins deposited in our body when there are somethings wrong with our kidneys?

In daily life, the patients must take a diet with balance and enough nutrients. But, many toxins will be taken into body in this process. Moreover, the patients will also have many wastes due to the body consumption. At last, all the unwanted substances will be excreted as excrement, urine and sweat. Besides, the kidney is the only place to filter the blood and manufacture urine in the body. When it is out of work, the harmful things will be retained in the body gradually, in which situation the kidneys will gain more damage in a terrible internal environment.

Is there any treatment instead of dialysis to cure patients?

If the patients only take six dialysis, it is possible for the patients to live a relatively normal live without going to dialysis termly via recovering kidney function. Chinese medicine can be a good option for achieving this goal. In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the patients will take a comprehensive with advance technology and traditional Chinese medicine, based on the treat result, Chinese herbs will be applied to the patients. So that, it shows a good effects with none obvious side reaction.

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