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Any Treatment for My Father in Stage 4 CKD to Avoid Dialysis

2018-02-26 11:23

Any Treatment for My Father in Stage 4 CKD to Avoid DialysisPatient: My father is in stage 4 CKD.

kidney-expert: Stage 4 CKD is also called kidney failure in which state lots of toxins and wastes have been accumulated in his body. What is more, he will have some discomforts in this case. Do you know what is his creatinine level?

Patient: Currently his creatinine level is around 5. It has increased from 3.5 to 5 within last 3 months.

kidney-expert: Does he have infection, high blood pressure and diabetes? They can aggravate his condition like that.

Patient: Yes, he has both high blood pressure and diabetes. CKD was diagnosed five years back. We were able to maintain creatinine level below 4 for last 5 years.

kidney-expert: I see. He had the regular medicines and diets to control the condition, right? This can not protect him well. It is also the reason why his condition is deteriorated with inductive factors. But please do not worry, with effective treatments, his creatinine level can be lowered naturally and kept in a low range.

Patient: What is the treatment? Do you require dialysis? We do not want him to go through it.

Kidney-expert: No, we mainly use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Medicated Bath instead of dialysis to help improve kidney situation. However, the medicines must be adopted on his own illness conditions. Would you send his latest test reports to me? I need to analyze it and give you more suggestions.

Patient: Can my father get cured with your treatment?

Kidney-expert: You know, there is no completely for the kidney failure patient. But they can maintain their conditions well with good remedies. That is to say, our treatments can help lower the creatinine level and relieve the discomforts caused by medicines or damaged kidneys so as to avoid dialysis effectively. Word is limited here. What is you e-mail or phone? I’d like to send the details to you.

Patient: My e-mail is. I will give the phone after you contact me.

kidney-expert: OK. I will contact you within 24h, please check you e-mail box.

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