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When Creatinine is 6.7 in Diabetes How to Avoid Dialysis

2014-05-01 03:07

When Creatinine is 6.7 in Diabetes How to Avoid DialysisAfter getting diagnosed with creatinine is 6.7 in Diabetes, patients often would like to know how to avoid dialysis. In the following article, let’s talk about this issue together and find the answer. Have a question? Consult our online doctor for free and professional advice.

How bad is it when creatinine is 6.7 in Diabetes?

Individuals who have been diagnosed of this disorder have developed into end-stage renal disease with loss of most kidney function. With severe decrease of kidney capacity, patients will suffer from serious symptoms like poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, itchy skin, fatigue, high blood pressure and so on. Left untreated or not controlled effectively, the condition will be life-threatening.

Dialysis for creatinine is 6.7 in Diabetes

As a kind of renal replacement therapy, dialysis is an effective option to deal with renal failure by taking place some functions of healthy kidneys. Under this treatment, the above symptoms can be relived and patient’s quality of life will be improved. However, while undergoing the therapy, kidney damage will still aggravate over time. Ultimately, complete kidney failure may be the result.

Thanks to the continual advancement of traditional Chinese medicine, an innovative remedy has been invented to help patients with creatinine is 6.7 in Diabetes avoid dialysis and live significantly extended life span. It is widely known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. (Click Here to learn more introduction of this treatment)

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