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Are Fennel Seeds Good for End Stage Renal Disease

2014-09-20 15:37

Are Fennel Seeds Good for End Stage Renal Disease  Fennel seeds can be used as perfume and medicine, so it is loved by many people. Due to its good function in regulating the blood so it can help to cure End Stage Renal Disease in some degree. Next let us have some details about it.

The mainly ingredients in fennel seed are protein, fat, dietary fiber, anethole, dill ketone, fennel aldehyde and so on, it can be used in medicine, spice,foods and makeup. As a kind of spice, it is used widely in barbecue and other cousin. As a kind of medicine, it can be used to regulate blood circulation, relieve pains in abdomen, poor appetite, nausea etc. What’s more, it can promote Bone Marrow Cells mature, release the blood enter into the peripheral and improve the white cells in the blood.

So in Chinese Medicine, Fennel Seed often be used in curing many kind of disease, including Renal disease. Even this, you also should take a systematic treatment, because kidney disease is a kind of complex disease, it is impossible to cure it just by one or two kinds of medicine. So as a patient with this disease, especially, the End Stage Renal Disease(also known as Uremia) you should take actions to cure it immediately, do not let go of the chance.

As we all know, dialysis and transplant are the most common ways to deal with this disease, but they can not cure it, just can delay the progression of it. In order to help those patients suffer less pain, i recommend Chinese Medicine like Foot Bath Therapy, Full Bath Therapy and Hot Compress Therapy to you. Cooperate together with each other during the treatment, those therapies can help patients to live better and longer. If you want to know more details about them, you can email us or leave messages to us.

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