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Uremia with high blood pressure can it be controlled well by Chinese Medicine

2015-02-02 17:08

Uremia with high blood pressure can it be controlled well by Chinese MedicineUremia with high blood pressure can it be controlled well by Chinese Medicine ? Actually, yes, it can be controlled well by timely treatment of Chinese Medicine. The following story can tells you the truth.


Age : 57

Gender: male

Country: India

Disease: Hypertension Nephropathy, Uremia

Balvinder Singh is a kidney disease patient, he has been suffering from high blood pressure for about 16 years. And four years ago he was diagnosed with kidney disease which is caused by long-term of high blood pressure. What’s worse, he has fall into End Stage Renal Disease which is known as Uremia, that really annoyed him. Due to no good treatment in his local hospital, his disease can not get good control, so more and more symptoms appeared. He has no good appetite, always feel tired, and suffered from the most unbearable pain. In addition, the pain will become more serious when he got a fever.

0n December, 2014 he admitted to our hospital. According to his condition, our doctor diagnosed his disease is caused by high blood pressure and aggravated by infection. So before take the systematic treatment, our doctor give him some antibiotic to relieve his pain and the high fever, soon his pain got eased. After that the doctor make a treatment plan which is mainly composed by "Four'One'" Chinese Traditional Treatment. After 3 days treatment, all the symptoms caused by kidney disease has been got relieved. After 7 days, he told our doctor that he feel like himself like a normal person and he have come back ti life again. Now he has good mood and good appetite, we hope he can back to normal soon.

I hope all the kidney disease patients can have a chance to live like a normal person again. If you need any help in treating kidney disease, you can leave message bellow, we will try our best to help you.

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