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What Is The Best Choice For The Uremia Patients?

2018-07-28 10:22

Uremia is the end stage of kidney disease, and that means the kidney function has been lost most parts,and the toxins in patients can not be discharged out of body and influence the patients heallth severely, then the dialysis is the common treatment for them to discharge the toxins out of body instead of their own kidneys.But most end stage patients don’t understand the dialysis well,then i will explain the principle of dialysis for you.

People with uremia often have misunderstandings about dialysis treatment because of the promotion of newspapers or street magazines. .. ..

First, dialysis is equal to the end of life, which is absolute misunderstanding.

In fact, including me, when I did not have a detailed understanding of dialysis treatment, I think so. Our idea is a big mistake. We don’t know a good dialysis device that can extend the life of a patient for 30 years. As long as the patient’s friends can use the correct dialysis treatment, you can prolong life. Therefore, we must first accept dialysis, do not think that dialysis is equal to the end of life.

Second, dialysis is equal to blood purification, absolute misunderstanding.

We think that hemodialysis is a mode of blood purification. In fact, we don’t understand it well. Real blood purification equipment should include: Hemodialysis machine, hemofiltration machine, blood perfusion machine and blood immunosorbent machine. These four instruments can filter large, medium and small molecular toxins in patients and adsorb immune complexes.

Third, dialysis is equal to permanent dependence, absolute misunderstanding.

We think that dialysis can no longer be rid of, this idea is also wrong. Using an excellent blood purification system to achieve a relatively clean body, and then using the right therapy to reconstruct the kidney, restore kidney function, may protect the kidney function.The condition has been reversed and there is still a chance to get rid of dialysis.Now the natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has helped more kidney patients get rid of dialysis and live the normal life again.

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