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What Is the Good Treatment Choice For the Patient With 7% Kidney Function

2018-06-25 09:19

When a kidney patient has lost almost all kidney function that means he has developed into the renal failure, and his life expectancy will also shorten with the renal function decline. Generally when the 50% renal function is left the patient can live the normal life , once it decreases to the less than 50% that means the kidney can not work normally to discharge enough toxins and wastes from body, and more and more discomforts will appear and some complications can occur. Therefore the 7% renal function means the kidney can not work normally and more toxins and waste have been accumulated in blood ,that will cause the electrolyte and acid-base imbalance and the internal circumstance will be destroyed to produce more severe condition to patients. Then the patients must accept the timely and reasonable treatment to prevent the severe condition occur. What is the best treatment for the renal failure patients with 7% renal function?

7% renal function means the patient is at the end stage of renal disease, his renal function has almost lost all and can not work normally to discharge toxins and wastes out of body, the reasonable treatment is very necessary to patient. But in western medicine he has to accept the dialysis treatment to help him discharge toxins and wastes out of body instead of his own kidney , but the dialysis can not help him repair the damaged kidney cells and restore his part of kidney function, once stopping dialysis his condition will aggravate badly. At the same time long time dialysis will produce some side effects to patients ,such as poor appetite, weakness, fatigue, bad sleeping etc. So the patients want to find another alternative treatment instead of dialysis to help them live the normal life again.

The kidney experts in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine have researched a special natural treatment for many years and developed a series systemic treatment to treat the kidney disease from root, that systemic treatment include : Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated bath therapy, Medicated foot bath therapy, Moxibustion therapy, Fumigation therapy, Acupuncture therapy etc. These natural therapies can help patients repair the damaged kidney cells and restore the renal function . If the kidney function has hurt less than 50% then it has great opportunity to recover again. As to the 7% renal function patients ,the natural treatment can help them improve some part of renal function and promote their life quality , then the patients can live more longer happy life .

The Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy is an effective external treatment which take good use of the active substance of herbal medicine, with the help of penetration machine the micro-molecule substance can penetrate into the lesion of kidney , it can dilate blood vessels and improve the blood circulation, provide more oxygen and nutrients to the kidney ,then the damaged kidney cells can be self-repaired effectively. Other therapies such as Medicated bath therapy can help patients discharge toxins and wastes through the sweating and promote the whole body blood circulation.

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