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How Can I Get Osmotherapy In India to Treat Stage 5 Kidney Failure

How can I get Osmotherapy in India to treat stage 5 kidney failure? I am sorry to tell the patients it is only belong to China. Maybe you have closed the web before you see these words. But since you have seen the words, why not leave your...Read More

How Can I Get Rid Of Dialysis in ESRD

ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) is the worst kidney condition in which the patients have to take dialysis to stay alive. But, as more and more patients realize that dialysis is not the right to treat ESRD, they wounder how can they get rid o...Read More

How Do I Purify Blood without dialysis in stage 5 and GFR 14%

Stage 5 kidney disease is also called uremia in which lots of toxins will be deposited in the body as a result of the severely impaired kidney. Meanwhile, owing to the sufferings caused by dialysis, there is no doubt that the patients are e...Read More

Is Toxin-Removing Therapy Effectively for ESRD Patients

Toxin-Removing Therapy is created for removing toxins and excessive water from the body naturally for the kidney disease patients. However, is Toxin-Removing Therapy effectively for ESRD patients? ESRD stands for end stage renal disease whi...Read More

Is It Possible for End Stage Kidney Failure Recover Renal Function

In the circumstance of end stage kidney failure, the patients may have less than 10% renal function left, and they will also undergo dialysis to prolong life. However, is it possible for end stage kidney failure patients recover renal funct...Read More

Is Transplant the last Choose for ESRD Patients

ESRD,a short spelling of end stage renal disease, is usually regarded as the worst condition in which patients are supposed to accept kidney transplant. But a great number of patients are unwilling to adopt kidney transplant because of seve...Read More

Is Acupuncture Helpful for Dialysis Patient

To be frankly, only depending on acupuncture is not enough to get rid of dialysis, but this treatment is very helpful for relieving those symptoms of kidney failure...Read More

What Treatments Can Help ESRD Patient Live without Dialysis

When the condition develops into stage 5 Kidney Failure(ESRD), dialysis will be a very common treatment for patients. But dialysis can only maintain patients’ lives to some extent...Read More

Can Dialysis Recover ESRD with GFR 12

I have ESRD with gfr 12 due to Glomerulonephritis. And I have dialysis twice a week. Plz tell me can dialysis help me recover my disease. If no, is there any treatment can help me recover my disease?...Read More

Adequate Dialysis for ESRD

Most of patients know that adequate dialysis is important for them to live longer but few of them know what is it, then what is adequate dialysis for people with ESRD...Read More