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Can Stage 5 Kidney Disease Patient Get Rid of Dialysis

2015-05-22 17:16

Can Stage 5 Kidney Disease Patient Get Rid of DialysisCan stage 5 kidney disease patient get rid of dialysis ? In fact, there is still hope for stage 5 kidney disease patient to decrease the dialysis times, even get rid of it by improving their kidney function, as long as they can take the alternative therapies timely.

Why we said patient should take alternative therapies timely ?

1.For patients who are taking dialysis not too long, which means they have not depend on dialysis too much , relatively speaking, it is easy for her to get rid of dialysis compared with others with dialysis for long time.

2. They still have urine output and yellow which means their kidneys still have the function to remove the toxin, you know the basic cause of the kidney disease is the lack of the blood and oxygen, urine volume means some blood still flows inner kidney and they still have remaining kidney function and the damaged kidney cells have potential to work.

3. Under care and other support, they have no serious complication and the blood pressure and sugar level are controlled well.

What kind of therapies are helpful for getting rid of dialysis ?

One of important treatment is micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, which belongs to the natural medicine, which has no much side -effect. We also have other natural treatments , such as foot bath therapy, medical bath therapy, circle therapy and acupuncture, oral Chinese medicine therapy etc. Chinese treatment is different from western treatment, after seeing the patient in person, our professors can adjust the unique prescription for the patient and make treatment plan for them, then can decide which therapies and herbs can help those patients get rid of dialysis.

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