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What Kinds of Treatments are Helpful for Getting Rid of Dialysis

2015-06-12 16:41

What Kinds of Treatments are Helpful for Getting Rid of DialysisWhat kinds of treatments are helpful for getting rid of dialysis ? The treatment is a systemic one including the micro-Chinese medicine and cell therapy. The micro-Chinese medicine is adopted as to create a good environment for cells to culture. The holistic treatment will improve the kidney function .

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a kind of external application. The Chinese herbal medicine is micronized into one thousandths of its original size. With the action of the microscope, it can arrive directly into the kidneys through skin and channels. The absorption rate and bioactivity of the medicine has been highly improved. It can expand the blood vessels, improve the blood circulation and increase the blood flow in the kidneys. In this way, the self renewal of the damaged cells will be reactivated thus recovering the kidney function. Stem cells will differentiate into new nephrons and replace the dead ones, so it can also help recover the kidney function. As long as his kidney function is recovered to over 15%, he can stop dialysis.

A good environment is the guarantee for the taking effect of stem cell therapy. Specifically speaking, experts will begin to culture stem cells after ten days being in our hospital, when Micro-Chinese Medicine treatment can supply a favorable internal environment for kidneys. After we finished one step of treatment we would observe his condition carefully and compute the proper time to receive the next step to culture another cell transplant. Generally, the SCT will take effect in about 3months.

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