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What will Happen If ESRD Patient Refuse Dialysis

2016-04-18 16:55

What will Happen If ESRD Patient Refuse DialysisIn general, for patient with ESRD the doctor will recommend them to take dialysis, so that they can expand their life span to some degree, but due to the side effects of dialysis some patients do not want to take it. Then, what will happen if ESRD patient refuse dialysis?

What will happen if ESRD patient refuse dialysis?

In general, after the patient’s disease progressed into the end stage of kidney disease, they may suffer more symptoms and complications, so they need dialysis to relieve those symptoms. If they don’t take this treatment timely, they may suffer more pain and their disease will goes to worse rapidly, their life even will be in great risk.

What treatment can be the alternative treatment of dialysis?

When it comes to the alternative treatment of dialysis, many treatments based on Traditional Chinese Herb Medicine can be take into consideration. But here i prefer to recommend you Hot Compress Therapy, it is one of the most effective treatment of kidney failure. With the help of this treatment, the patient with ESRD can get their symptoms relieved from the underlying causes, what’s more, their kidney function can be improved to some degree, thus to get a chance to live a quality life without dialysis.

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