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What Treatments Can Help ESRD Patient Live without Dialysis

2016-12-14 16:33

What Treatments Can Help ESRD Patient Live without DialysisWhen the condition develops into stage 5 Kidney Failure(ESRD), dialysis will be a very common treatment for patients. But dialysis can only maintain patients’ lives to some extent, and some patients have to bear the complications of dialysis.

Then, what treatments can help patient live without dialysis?

Kidney transplant is a way to help patients with stage 5 Kidney Failure get rid of dialysis. And kidney transplant can make patients live a longer life. But it seems that the life expectancy of stage 5 Kidney transplant can not be given exactly, for individual has different situation. Some can live more than 10 or even more years, while some can not. In clinical, it is also common to see that the creatinine level increases again after a period of time of receiving kidney transplant, one of the reasons is that the anti-rejection medicines can destroy the immune system. Moreover, no one can guarantee the operation can be successful 100%. So some patients have to go back to dialysis treatment to wait for the second kidney transplant. Patients with PKD or FSGS usually have a high recurrence rate after receiving kidney transplant.

Besides kidney transplant, Immunotherapy is another treatment which can help patients live without dialysis. For those patients who are treated by Immunotherapy, the life expectancy will be more optimistic.

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