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Proteinuria 444 and Creatinine 1.5 How to Prevent Process Radically

2018-01-22 11:43

Proteinuria 444 and Creatinine 1.5 How to Prevent Uremia Radical“Hello, doctor. My proteinuria is 444mg/24h. And now my creatinine is 1.5. Is it dangerous? My doctor said he had no way to help me dispel the proteinuria at present, can you help me? He also said that I must go to dialysis in the future and that I could not avoid transplant in the end. How to prevent process radically?

Hello, please do not worry. We can help you. Frankly speaking, you condition is not very serious, but you still need an effective treatment.

In the worldwide field, most patients who have similar situation as you live a normal life, as the proteinuria do not bother them a lot. As a result, many patients do not pay attention to it since they can not get rid of it with conventional therapy. And then, they lost the best period to cure themselves and finally the process develops into uremia when dialysis and transplant are asked. But with valid treatments, this situation can be controlled and not relapse.

Do you know why you have a higher creatinine and proteinuria?

According to our years of research, you proteinuria is likely to be triggered by the renal inflammations caused by the excess substances that exceeds the body’s self-detoxification ability. When you can clear up your internal environment thoroughly, your proteinuria will be disappeared and you can return to the normal life.

For you case, I strongly recommend you a systemic treatment, such as Toxification Therapy. In our hospital, we adopted Foot Bath, Steaming Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Oral Chinese Medicine and other Chinese treatments in which herbs from nature are applied to dredge the channel and meridian, remove the stasis in the Qi and blood circulation, promote the excretion of toxins, recover the renal function, etc, for achieving the purpose of improving the proteinuria and elevated serum creatinine fundamentally and safely. By this way, and you do not have the risk for doing further dialysis and transplant.

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