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Alternative Treatments Help Dialysis With Creatinine 7.36 Reverse End Stage Renal Disease

2018-06-02 15:35

End Stage Renal Disease,Creatinine 7.36,Alternative TreatmentsPlease suggest Alternative treatments help dialysis patients reverse End Stage Renal Disease. The Patient is a woman, 55 years old, creatinine 7.36. The Doctors insist on Dialysis. It is in the hospital during the last six days. She had three bottles of transfused Blood.

Now when your kidneys cannot work normally, they can not filter Waste products and Excess Fluid out of the body. When the concentration of the toxin in the Blood is very high, which can threaten the patient's Life. That's why Doctors insist on Dialysis. What should do is Start Dialysis to stabilize the disease and then apply another treatment to help repair the renal Damage and improve renal function. When dialysis cooperates with alternative treatments, it is possible to stop Dialysis after a period of treatments.

This is a regular treatment of Chinese Medicine, which takes advantage of several Chinese Medicine Therapies, such as, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath Therapy, Immunotherapy, Toxin-Removing Treatment, Moxibustion Therapy, Acupuncture, Hot Compress Therapy, Cycle Therapy, Steam Therapy, Cupping Therapy, etc. To remove Waste Products Mass The Body through urine, Stool and sweat to make the internal Environment good for the self Healing of Kidney and other medication. It can also expand the blood vessels and to remove this Smooth Blood Flow, which can improve the renal ischemia and anoxia. In addition to proportion oxygen to the damaged kidneys sufficient Essential Elements to accelerate the Recovery of kidney.

After several times of treatments, your urine will become smelly, which indicates that the kidneys begin to discharge toxins from the body. After 10-15 days treatments, creatinine 7.36 can be reduced, and all the complications relieved from the root with improved kidney functions. After chinese herbal medicines reverse Ens Stage Renal Disease that there is a big hope to avoid dialysis.


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