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With Dialysis Thrice a Week Creatinine is Still 10 What to Do

2014-05-02 06:57

With Dialysis Thrice a Week Creatinine is Still 10 What to Do“I want to know what to do with dialysis thrice a week and creatinine is still 10. My father is the patient. Do you have alternative treatment scope of his disease?” After getting this query, we provide analysis as below. Hope it is helpful for patients in similar case. Prefer to talking directly? Chat with our online doctor now for free and professional advice.

How are you? Sorry to hear that your father has high creatinine 10 even with dialysis thrice a week. Please do not worry. After knowing more about his condition, we will share our suggestions.

Could you please tell us about his detailed illness information? How old is your father? Does he have Diabetes, high blood pressure, or other health issue? When did he start dialysis? How about his current urine output? You can Email us at with such information. Our kidney experts will make a comprehensive analysis and reply you soon within 24 hours.

As we all know, dialysis is just a kind of renal replacement therapy. It can replicate many of the kidney’s functions such as remove waste products and excrete extra fluid. However, the therapy fails to repair the damaged kidneys and improve the renal function. As the kidney damage deteriorates, patient will suffer from elevated creatinine level again.

With dialysis thrice a week and creatinine is still 10, your father should take prompt treatment to lower the high level and prevent the disease’s further progression.

Fortunately, alternative natural treatment is available to ensure such curative effects. Blood Pollution Therapy is a good choice. Through cleaning the blood, removing toxins out of the body, repairing the renal impairment, promoting the kidney function, and enhancing the immune system, your father’s kidneys will work better and better. High creatinine level will be normalized gradually. His dependency on dialysis can be reduced over time. Interested to learn more information? Please feel free to leave a message in the below.

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