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Can I Recover from Stage 5 Kidney Disease Due to FSGS by Dialysis

2014-05-17 03:00

I am a patient with Stage 5 Kidney Disease due to FSGS. Can I recover from the disease by taking dialysis? Need your kind advice.” Here is an inquiry we got from a patient. To help individuals who have similar doubt, we provide analysis as below. Hope it really helps!

FSGS is a chronic disease and some patients with the disorder gradually get worse until they reach kidney failure. For your case of Stage 5 Kidney Disease, dialysis fails to help you recover from your disease, as the therapy is just a kind of renal replacement option. Though it can work to remove excess wastes and extra fluid, dialysis does nothing to improve the kidney damage. While undergoing this treatment, your disease will still deteriorate continuously. The average life expectancy on dialysis is around 3-5 years.

Frankly speaking, there is still not yet a cure for your Stage 5 Kidney Disease due to FSGS. However, alternative and effective treatment is available to stop your disease’s further progression and ensure you a significantly prolonged life span. The latest Blood Pollution Therapy is just such kind of method.

As a systematic treatment, Blood Pollution Therapy aims at treating kidney disease from the root cause by removing blood stasis, supplementing essential elements to the blood, and restoring the overall renal function. Combined blood purification techniques and Chinese medicine remedies are involved in the whole treatment process.

Whether your condition of Stage 5 Kidney Disease due to FSGS is suitable to get Blood Pollution Therapy or not? You can Email us at with your test reports or detailed disease information. Our kidney doctors will reply you soon with free and professional advice. Still have anything unclear about managing your renal disease? Please let us know.

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