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Is It Safe to Take Salvia Capsules while Taking Cyclosporine

2014-11-02 08:52

If It is Safe to Take Salvia Capsules while Taking Cyclosporinewe know that Salvia Capsules was given to some people on dialysis, during the treatment doctors may give Cyclosporine at the same time. Some people are thinking if there is any conflict between them. Actually, people need not to worry about it, it is good to use them together than single one, the research shows that.

Salvia Capsules is a kind of toxic medicines so it is limited in clinic, although no one knows the in which way this medicine will hurt the kidney but it really can induce damage of renal proximal convoluted tubules. 

As we all know everything has two side, the medicine is the same. It may take good effect on the disease while can damage kidney or liver. For example, insulin resistance comes from two aspects. One is that the pancreas islet can not secrete normal structure insulin. Another aspect is that the body cells become insensitive to insulin. These two factors lead to one result, which is low insulin utilization rate. Even though you are taking diamicron to enhance insulin secretion, it is not tackling the disease. So as a patient, especially the kidney disease patient, you should pay attention to the medicines you take. If you are not sure if it is suitable for your disease, you’d better consult your doctor or consult our online doctor, both of them will give you the best advices.

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