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Can Kidney Stones Cause Foamy Urine

2014-10-29 17:27

Can Kidney Stones Cause Foamy UrineCan kidney stones cause foamy urine ? For this question, the answer is yes, foamy urine surely can occurred in this disease.

Usually, foamy urine is considered a warning sign for probable kidney disease, as a marker of proteinuria. Upon history and physical examination, many clinicians ask whether the patient has noticed foamy urine, and some even document a lack of it as a significant negative finding.

Foamy urine can also be caused by factors other than protein in the urine. Rapid urination can create bubbles in the urine, so maybe people in airport bathrooms are in a rush, but then the foam should not persist for more than a few seconds, so that when a curious visitor like me inspects the urinals, I should really not see long-lasting foams.

Concentrated urine in hot weather can also lead to foamy urine, but the foamy urines I have observed in public bathrooms are not restricted to summer time. Kidney stones can lead to foamy urine as can urinary tract infections by virtue of pyuria.

Form the above we can see that foamy urine is one of the symptoms of chronic kidney disease but it also can be find in kidney stone. Except kidney stone, there are many other disease can cause it. So when you find bubbles in your urine, you should go to see the doctor and make further prognosis, that can help you to make correct decision.

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